Automated Nurturing System That Gets Parents Excited About Your Childcare Centre

Airchild CRM is an all-in-one solution that lets you nurture your waiting list, manage enrolments and follow up with parents. Experience an easy way to nurture parents through the enrolment process that will save your team hours of work every week.

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How Airchild Parent Nurturing automation
can help your childcare centre

Automated Follow Ups

Stay on top of your childcare leads through automated follow ups.

Prebuilt Campaigns

Prebuilt parent nurturing campaigns using SMS, email, phone, Facebook, GMB, WhatsApp & Insta.

Increase Enrolment

Increase child enrolment with a tested and proven parent nurturing process.

How can a childcare business benefit from a parent nurturing tool?

Childcare centres are missing out on parents who miss the first contact. 4 in 10 parents say they would have enroled their child if they had received a follow-up message within 24 hours of receiving an initial email from the childcare centre.

Parents are the key to a childcare centre’s success. Happy parents tend to refer their friends, family and colleagues. Unhappy parents may be more likely to leave or transfer their child at the first sign of dissatisfaction or conflict with staff members.

We help you build strong relationships with parents so they feel connected to your brand, trust that they are getting great care for their children, and will recommend you when asked about good daycares in the area. Airchild is designed specifically for childcare centres who understand how important it is to establish great relationships with families from enrolment through graduation!

If you can dream it, Airchild can automate it

80+ prebuilt automations will keep your centres humming, saving your team many hours per week

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Build strong relationships with parents with Airchild's smart Parent Nurturing

While parents may forget messages you sent, they will always remember how your childcare centre made them feel


Help parents feel connected

We’ve created prebuilt parent nurture emails that are proven to get results. These messages have been proven effective in engaging with prospective parents and getting more enrolments for your daycare centres.


Give waitlisted parents a VIP treatment

Automatically send out emails to parents when their child’s spot becomes available so they can quickly reserve their place at your childcare centre. This way you don’t need to call or email every single parent individually!

This also allows for easy waitlist management with automated reminders and confirmation messages sent directly to the parent’s mobile phone via text message or email.


Make parents feel that they're in safe hands

Automate engaging follow-ups and capture engaged responses from your parents. The automated nurture campaigns increases the rate of response, engagement, and conversion by up to 30%. It also helps you save time on tedious tasks like sending out emails or making phone calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send SMS manually to parents?

Yes, indeed. You can view and send SMS messages to parents using two options:

1. Through the unified inbox, where you can view messages from all of your communication channels.

2. In the conversations section of a parent's contact record, where all conversations with that specific contact are also available.

However, with Airchild's built-in automations, you might not need to send manual SMS messages to parents anymore! This is great for tour booking reminders.

Does Airchild have a Do Not Disturb (DND) feature?

Airchild's Do Not Disturb feature was crafted to a high level of sophistication and allows you to identify and restrict the channels where parents do not want to be contacted, including Email, SMS, Calls & Voicemail, GMB, and Facebook Messenger.

What if a parent does not want to receive messages during particular hours?

It is not possible for Airchild to set a DND schedule for each contact at this time. Once a communication channel is set to DND, all automated messages will not be received on that channel. However, all automated messages have been set to a specific schedule - 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If you prefer a different schedule, we can adjust the time parameters and conditions accordingly.

In order to communicate with parents, we use third-party apps like Storypark. How will this work with Airchild?

While Airchild does not natively integrate with 3rd party communication apps like Storypark, if you have a specific use case, let us know as Airchild can communicate with any 3rd party platform that supports integration. Both applications can also be used simultaneously for different purposes. Airchild is perfect for a variety of pre and post-enrolment communication, including enquiring, touring, and notifying waitlists. Documentation, daily routines, community posts, and supporting QIP documentation can be handled best with apps like Storypark.

How can Airchild help when centre staff get so busy that they cannot take calls?

When calls are missed, a parent can leave a voicemail message and Airchild's business phone features will automatically reply by SMS. In addition to the ability to leave a voicemail message, the preceding text message that the parent will receive will provide them with a range of options, including self-service options or requesting a callback in many cases. Currently, most centres do not have this level of workflow, so it would help you operate more efficiently. Staff can be notified by email or SMS when calls are not answered and parents leave voicemails. Once the centre staff receives the notification, they can contact the parent again to make sure they are taken care of. In addition, missed calls can be queued so that the centre staff can batch process them at once.

How does Airchild differ from our current CCMS?

Airchild is not meant to replace your current CCMS. Airchild provides marketing and sales features that ensure that you are not losing enrolments to competitors due to poor communication and internal processes. The majority of centres do not have the resources to implement multichannel nurture sequences that provide parents with the level of customer service they have come to expect. We are not aware of any CCMS with this level of functionality or marketing support. Even though some CCMS systems include CRM or booking functionality, in our experience, the rudimentary feature set will ultimately result in your centre losing out on tens of thousands of dollars. Airchild ensures that you never leave a parent behind from the very first day that they contact you until they enrol at your centre.

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