Smart Cloud Phone System So You'll Never Miss A Call

Effortlessly connect parents to your team using an integrated phone system built for ease of use and flexibility. The Airchild Virtual Phone System is a simple-to-use, affordable solution designed with today's busy parents in mind.

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How the Airchild Phone Systems can
help your childcare centre

More Phone Calls

Never miss a phone call ever again with the smart call routing system, SMS workflow and AI handover.

Track Calls

Track every call - full team call visibility and which marketing campaigns produce leads.

Automated Follow-Up Tasks

Call Recording so nothing is forgotten and follow-up tasks can be assigned automatically.

How can a childcare business benefit from using virtual Phone Systems?

Running a childcare centre while answering every call can be exhausting, if not impossible. But missing calls can really hurt your bottom line and reputation.

With 40% of parents that search for childcare centres immediately calling to enquire, most centres desperately need smarter technology to handle the overflow.

Our fully integrated phone systems will help streamline your childcare centre operations by offering smart call routing, voice whisper technology, missed call text back, automatic voice drops and instant lead connect features that allow you to instantly respond to every call at any time of the day.
This allows you to provide a superior level of customer service without having to hire more team members or spend money on additional marketing campaigns. You’ll wonder how you coped without it.

Capture the full picture with seamless call recording

The days of wondering if someone called a parent back or how many calls are being
missed are gone.

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Make life easier for parents to reach your childcare centre with a push of a button​

Keep your childcare centre running smoothly with a virtual phone system that is always available


No more lost calls

We’ve built an integrated phone system that allows childcare centres to easily connect with parents. No more missed calls, no more voicemail, just easy communication between your childcare centre and the parent.


Build rapport with parents on autopilot

Our voicemail drop automation software allows you to record and play back messages that are automatically added to the voicemail of parents who don’t answer their phones. This means more calls returned, happier parents, and less stress on your team members.


Never miss a detail of a call again

Our virtual phone system for childcare centres allows you to record your calls, store them securely, and replay them later, so that you don’t forget any details or information. This means fewer repeat calls, less stress for staff members, and more time to focus on what really matters – children!


Focus your resources on effective marketing strategies

You know how important it is to track the results of marketing campaigns. You also know that it can be difficult and time consuming to manually track all of this information. That’s why we built our campaign call tracking feature into our virtual phone system for childcare centres.

Now, instead of having to spend hours every day trying to figure out where your leads are coming from, you can just log in and see exactly what is working and what isn’t.


Contact reports that
play nice

Slice and dice the contact records to your hearts content and create saved reports just for you or make them available to select team members.

E.g. Show me all the parents that have booked into the Mums and Bubs group then send them an SMS to let them know to bring a friend – too easy 🤩


Batch call parents like a boss (when it suits you)

Let’s say you’re short staffed and the phones are running hot but you just can’t answer them for an hour or two. Who you gonna call? Nobody.

Fortunately with Airchild, parents are instantly messaged after every missed call and are automatically added to a call queue when they request a call back, where all you have to do is click the start button and each parent will be sequentially dialed. Their notes will pop up while you’re calling so their information is readily available when you need it, and if they’re not there it will automatically voice message.

No parents left behind. Job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for my own Twilio account?

You have the option to open your own Twilio account and also bring numbers with you. Alternatively, you can purchase local and mobile numbers directly within your Airchild account.

How much does it cost to send an SMS?

It costs AUD 0.71 to send a text and AUD 0.011 to receive a text. That means for every hundred texts you send, you'll pay AUD 0.71. Find out more about pricing here:

How do I know if we are getting calls in Airchild?

All your marketing channels will use a new marketing number to track incoming leads. Then, we will set up a forward to your centre number with a whisper message that someone is calling from Airchild. Your old centre number may still be used by parents who already have it. The Airchild call reporting and communication history of each contact will allow you to view and listen to all calls.

Can I review the calls that I had with a parent?

Yes, of course! All of the phone calls that you have made or received are recorded and stored within Airchild so that you can access them at any time. Team members will be able to stay on the same page, especially if there is a staff member away. With this, you can review calls for consistency and quality to determine if training or improved phone scripts are needed. The ability to track all inbound and outbound calls can be a real game-changer for centres, in our experience.

Can I add more phone numbers?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of mobile and landline numbers depending on your specific business needs.

Is it possible to answer and make calls from my mobile phone?

Indeed! Our iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to make calls from your phone and have them recorded and stored within Airchild. Whether you're talking to potential leads or existing families, you'll be recording everything securely so that you won't miss anything.

We get too busy at the centre, can parents leave a voicemail?

Yes, of course! "No parent left behind" is our motto, and we understand how difficult it can be to handle the phone while caring for children. Airchild's built-in automation system receives voice messages from parents and sends automatic SMS notifications to centre staff when calls go unanswered.

Can we receive calls within Airchild?

Calls are intelligently forwarded according to whether a contact has been assigned to a specific user or if a central number is preferred. The ability to answer calls directly within the Airchild CRM is on the roadmap and coming soon.

Is there a way to measure the efficiency of the staff at the centre by using Airchild?

Airchild Call Reporting allows you to manage your team's call performance. In addition to showing you how many calls are answered versus missed, this report also allows you to automate based on call statuses, and view call details such as first-time calls, and average call duration. You will also be able to listen to call recordings through the Airchild Call Reporting which can help you evaluate how efficient and effective your team is at handling phone calls.

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