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Plug the holes in your processes, improve efficiency and deliver a better service.

Eliminate the time it takes to complete tasks that used to take hours or days.

Create an enjoyable team culture by eliminating the mundane tasks.

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Running a childcare centre is no easy task. It can be overwhelming juggling customer enquiries, bookings, and paperwork. The average centre spends 2 hours a day on non-childcare tasks. In a month, that’s 40 hours!

What if you could free up your schedule by automating the tasks that take up so much of your time? Think about the possibilities:

  • When a contact is updated, assign a task
  • Leave a welcoming voicemail for new families prior to a new tour. E.g. Introduce yourself and let them know where to park
  • After completing a form or signing a document, send an email or SMS
  • Update a spreadsheet based on certain conditions
  • Generate reports automatically
The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can automate it.

Airchild's Automations and Workflow Builder
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Airchild's powerful automation tools take care of the details so you can focus on the stuff little people you love.


Work smarter, not harder

Streamline all of your childcare leads with an intelligent Lead Management System. With personalised nurture sequences that fit families’ schedules, you can keep your team on the same page. Stay organised and on top of your game by automating the parent enquiry to child enrolment journey, so that no parent is left guessing what happens next.

Give waitlisted parents a VIP treatment

Keep your brand top of mind with perfectly timed interactive emails based on their preferred enrolment dates. Use our interactive emails so if a family’s situation changes you’ll be the first to know and can respond promptly. Our prebuilt waitlist management processes send automated reminders and confirmation messages directly to parents’ mobile phones via text or email.

Welcome all new leads auto-magically

Smart automation will let you welcome every lead who visits your website and immediately build trust without having to lift a finger.

E.g. It’s 8 pm and the kids are finally asleep. Your Facebook Ad catches Jane’s attention. Perfect, she thinks and reaches out. To her surprise, she gets a voicemail a few minutes later from the centre director thanking her for her enquiry and letting her know the next steps. She feels connected to this centre already.


Automated tour and confirmation reminders

Are parents not turning up to tours or is your team spending precious hours on follow-up?

By using Airchild’s built-in workflows, parents are reminded of confirmed tour bookings and are intelligently followed up depending on whether they attend. Direct integration with Google and Outlook calendars ensures tour booking availability is always up-to-date and your team is on the same page.


You name it, we automate it

Instead of doing tedious tasks on your own, set up an automated workflow in Airchild with just a few clicks (or we can do it for you)!

The Airchild Workflow Builder is a powerful tool that lets you automate your business processes, whether you’re looking to streamline your operations or simply save time. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily create custom workflows to keep your childcare centre running as smooth as butter 🧈


Collect one-time payments with ease

Collect payments by sending out payment links either as a one-off or automatically through SMS or email messages. Integrate with Stripe or Paypal and enjoy fast online mobile-friendly payment processing, perfect for one-off or recurring payments.

Need to set up products or send an invoice? Use Zapier to seamlessly push your invoices into Xero or other accounting systems.

Please note that this feature does not replace your CCMS payment solution and payment gateways that come with platforms such as Owna or Kidsoft.

Create a stream of 5-star reviews

An intelligent review management solution comes preloaded with Airchild. It’s fully customisable, so you can decide whether to automate review requests based on tags or to send manual review requests. With support for Google and Facebook, your centre will quickly become the most reviewed in town.

Discover how our review management systems will boost your centre’s 5-star ratings. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to the prebuilt workflows in Airchild?

Definitely! Airchild's prebuilt workflows are geared toward handling the most common processes which childcare centres encounter, such as enquiries, tours, and enrolment confirmations. However, we realise that you may have processes that are unique to your centre, and in that case, we can incorporate them into the existing workflows.

Where can I view the available workflows within Airchild?

The workflows can be accessed through the Automations menu of the Airchild CRM. You can click here to book a demo of the Airchild CRM now to learn more!

Can I change the messages in the email or SMS templates that are sent out automatically?

Of course! As soon as you sign up for Airchild, you will be asked to review the prebuilt email templates that we have created. Let us know if there are any modifications you would like to make and we will update them according to your needs.

Who can create the custom workflows based on our business process?

The workflows can be created by anyone with admin access. Once you sign up, you'll take a certification course to learn how to create custom workflows. Our friendly support team is also available for any assistance that you may need.

Can I create a workflow which is going to connect to a different application?

Yes! Airchild integrates with a number of applications, making it a versatile tool that can streamline your internal processes. Through Zapier, webhooks or APIs, we can integrate with CCMSs, payment gateways, Xero, Excel, and many others.

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