Make Managing Operations Of Multiple Childcare Centres A Breeze

A multicentre management software for childcare centres that helps you better manage your day-to-day administrative work and improve your operational efficiency, giving you more time to focus on what's important - taking care of children.

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How Airchild Multicentre Management can
help your childcare centre

Multicentre Leads

Stay on top of your childcare leads across multiple centres.

Identify Issues

Quickly discover which childcare centre needs help in increasing occupancy.

Easily Manage Centres

Easy acces to multiple childcare centre account using a single login.

How can a childcare business benefit from a Multicentre Management tool?

Managing multiple centres can be a hassle, especially if you have to log into different systems just to check on each childcare centre. Operators who use a centralised system save more than 38% of their time than centres that don’t.

We created a multicentre management system for childcare centres that gives you complete control over managing leads for multiple centres from one easy-to-use interface. You can easily add new parents without having to log in to each individual centre account. Every centre is set up in its own separate CRM instance with their own permissions. This gives you complete autonomy and flexibility for each centre, in case you need to sell the centre down the track.

With Airchild, we’ve taken away all the tedious work involved in running multiple childcare centres. Everything about your marketing operations is consolidated into one place, making it easier than ever before for you to keep track of all aspects of running your business from your home or office. 

Airchild’s Multicentre Management at a glance

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Get a top level view of your childcare centres using a multicentre management system

Feel more confident that you’re doing the best job possible for each childcare centre that you manage


Quickly and easily manage all your centres from one convenient place

Manage all of your childcare centre information from one central location. With a single login, you can add new parents and track their progress through the entire sales cycle.


Reduce the stress of managing multiple childcare centres

Managing multiple locations can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With Airchild CRM, you can easily see how each of your centres are performing and make adjustments as needed. You’ll also save time by automating many tasks that used to take up valuable hours of your day.


Have a clear view of what’s happening across all your centres

You’ll have access to real-time reporting for each childcare centre so you can see how each is performing and make changes as needed.
The most important part, get a clear view of your enrolment numbers at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When I manage two or more centres, will I have multiple logins?

The Airchild dashboard now allows you to switch between multiple centres with just a single login. You still have a separate Airchild instance for each centre, but you can switch between them easily within the CRM.

Can I quickly import workflows or other items from one Airchild instance to another?

Airchild CRM instances will be set up in advance of deployment with the same workflows and automations for every centre, so you won't have to worry about importing or transferring workflows and other items. In any case, our support team can assist you if needed.

Can users have different roles and permissions for each centre account?

In Airchild, it is possible to assign CRM user roles and permissions to each centre. You can assign admin accounts that can create and manage user accounts, or assign restricted user accounts. According to a user's role, the amount of access he or she should have to the different Airchild features may vary.

Can a user have access to multiple centres?

Certainly! We will set up one Airchild instance for each centre that you're managing, and a user can be granted access to one or more centres. The level of access can be customised for each centre, depending on the role of the user.

Will I be able to access all the data for all the centres I manage from one place?

As part of our DFY (Done For You) service, we can create a single report that includes the data for all of the centres you manage.

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