Stand out from the competition with engaging recruitment landing pages and ads

With Airchild's custom-tailored recruitment landing pages and ads, you'll be able to showcase your centre's unique culture and opportunities in a way that stands out from the competition. Our creative and engaging content will help you attract the best and brightest candidates, setting you up for success in your hiring efforts.

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Attract top talent with creative and engaging content!

Save time and energy by letting us take care of all your recruitment marketing needs

Position your centre as the best choice with help from our team of copywriting experts

Engage candidates with recruitment landing pages and attention-grabbing ads

Recruit the best childcare talent.

Standing out from the competition in today’s job market is a difficult task. It can be challenging to find the time and resources to create attractive and effective recruitment campaigns.

Crafting an effective recruitment strategy is essential for any early childhood education centre, but it can be tough to know where to start. Not only do you need to compete with other centres for top talent, you also have to make sure your messaging is on point.

Don’t fret, Airchild can help. We’ll work with you to create custom-tailored landing pages, Ads and nurture campaigns that showcase your unique culture and opportunities in a way that stands out from the competition.

Position Your Centre as the Right Choice for
Early Learning Educators


Hire better. Faster.

Attract top talent with customised recruitment landing pages which showcase your centre, the benefits to applicants and the opportunities you have available.

We design landing pages to be engaging and user-friendly, ensuring that potential candidates have all the information they need to make an informed decision about applying for a position at your centre.


Don't wait - let us help bring in top talent today!

Airchild’s marketing team helps you create ads that attract the best and brightest talent. We’ll highlight your brand’s unique features and benefits and show candidates what sets your centre apart from the competition.

Our recruitment ads are designed to attract the right eyeballs and clearly speak to the benefits. Plus, with direct integration in Airchild’s CRM you can build a database of both applicants of those just testing the waters that may need a little more convincing.


Get ahead in staffing with smart recruitment nurturing

Say hello to a smarter way to manage your staff recruitment.

With Airchild’s Recruitment Nurturing feature, you can easily automate your workflows, respond to candidates automatically, and create custom processes that fits your business.

Utilise Airchild’s powerful pipeline system so you can effortlessly manage and track applicants through every stage of the recruitment process with ease. No more worrying about missing out on potential hires – Airchild will make sure they get the attention they deserve!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for my own Twilio account?

You have the option to open your own Twilio account and also bring numbers with you. Alternatively, you can purchase local and mobile numbers directly within your Airchild account.

How much does it cost to send an SMS?

It costs AUD 0.71 to send a text and AUD 0.011 to receive a text. That means for every hundred texts you send, you'll pay AUD 0.71. Find out more about pricing here:

How do I know if we are getting calls in Airchild?

All your marketing channels will use a new marketing number to track incoming leads. Then, we will set up a forward to your centre number with a whisper message that someone is calling from Airchild. Your old centre number may still be used by parents who already have it. The Airchild call reporting and communication history of each contact will allow you to view and listen to all calls.

Can I review the calls that I had with a parent?

Yes, of course! All of the phone calls that you have made or received are recorded and stored within Airchild so that you can access them at any time. Team members will be able to stay on the same page, especially if there is a staff member away. With this, you can review calls for consistency and quality to determine if training or improved phone scripts are needed. The ability to track all inbound and outbound calls can be a real game-changer for centres, in our experience.

Can I add more phone numbers?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of mobile and landline numbers depending on your specific business needs.

Is it possible to answer and make calls from my mobile phone?

Indeed! Our iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to make calls from your phone and have them recorded and stored within Airchild. Whether you're talking to potential leads or existing families, you'll be recording everything securely so that you won't miss anything.

We get too busy at the centre, can parents leave a voicemail?

Yes, of course! "No parent left behind" is our motto, and we understand how difficult it can be to handle the phone while caring for children. Airchild's built-in automation system receives voice messages from parents and sends automatic SMS notifications to centre staff when calls go unanswered.

Can we receive calls within Airchild?

Calls are intelligently forwarded according to whether a contact has been assigned to a specific user or if a central number is preferred. The ability to answer calls directly within the Airchild CRM is on the roadmap and coming soon.

Is there a way to measure the efficiency of the staff at the centre by using Airchild?

Airchild Call Reporting allows you to manage your team's call performance. In addition to showing you how many calls are answered versus missed, this report also allows you to automate based on call statuses, and view call details such as first-time calls, and average call duration. You will also be able to listen to call recordings through the Airchild Call Reporting which can help you evaluate how efficient and effective your team is at handling phone calls.

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