Instantly Build Trust With Personalised Video Welcomes

Your website should greet families just like you would in person. Trust must be developed between parents and staff before a child is entrusted to them. We develop trust by looking into someone's eyes, listening to their voice, and observing their body language. Video communicates everything that text cannot.


How a video welcome can help
your childcare centre

Show families who you really are and win hearts and minds fast.

Deliver the right information consistently 24/7 with a video warm welcome sequence.

Make first impressions count and stand out from the crowd.

Why use a Video Welcome for your childcare centre?

Watching a video retains 95% of the message, whereas reading a text retains only 10%. Most parents are incredibly busy and they’re looking for a quick way to figure out if your childcare centre and more importantly your educators are the right fit.

Airchild’s Warm Welcome videos let you embed personalised videos on your website so parents can quickly and easily learn about your early learning centre. Video sequences allow parents to choose what they want to learn in short bursts, putting them in control, keeping them engaged and providing fast access to just the right information.

Give your childcare centre a better chance at engaging more parents and booking more tours with our integrated video solution.

Increase online bookings with interactive
video sequences


Camera shy? No problem.

Use a life-like AI avatar to introduce your centre in a warm, engaging way that will immediately capture attention and provide fast access to the key information on your centre.

You can choose from a variety of AI avatars and select the one that best represents your childcare centre. We have scripts ready to go and when you’re ready, swap them out for your actual team.


Showcase your centre's personality

Leave a lasting impression with a video warm welcome. Videos can be tailored to each individual centre, making them unique and specific to your own setting. You can add custom background images, videos, and even presentations to your videos.

Bring your centre’s personal touch to your website and easily introduce your centre to parents.


Choose, Click, Create

Don’t worry about having to hire expensive videographers, finding the right staff and writing scripts. We’ll write the script for you, design your sequence and set up your avatar or a real human if you prefer.

Sit back, relax, and watch the engagement on your website skyrocket. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.


Engage with visitors direct from your video chatbot

The Airchild Video Welcome widget can be configured to allow text, voice, and video channels plus you can also turn on live calls allowing families to choose the communication style they prefer.


Choose your own adventure

Make every conversation relevant and put parents in the driving seat by allowing them to choose exactly what they want to learn more about through video sequences. Let parents explore your site in a way that suits them!


Have a voice that reaches more parents

The Airchild Video Welcome can be customised to a variety of languages, giving your centre the opportunity to reach out to more parents. We can use multiple languages to create audio narrations for your videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire someone to take the video?

It's easier than you think to roll our warm video welcomes. There are 3 options:

1. Airchild's video mobile app with integrated scripts makes it easy to record your own videos. Videos starring real team members are always our preferred option.
2. If everyone is camera shy, we can create life-like AI avatars paired with background images or videos of your centre.
3. A professional can also be arranged if you would like a professional to show up at your centre. We have a network of competitive videographers and photographers available for you to choose from.

Are you providing us with scripts to use?

We have scripts that can be tailored to your centre by our childcare copywriting pros, keeping in your brand voice.

Who's going to assist me get set up?

Our team will be more than happy to guide you through the video welcome process, depending on the option you choose.

Can we choose our own avatar?

Yes, you can! You can choose from a dozen different avatars, both male and female, depending on your needs. We will provide you with a list of available avatars.

What kind of video sequences can we create with the video welcome?

Whether you are looking to introduce your centre director or explain your curriculum, we have a flowchart sequence with over 20+ video topics to engage and educate your families.

Don’t find your answer?​

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