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With Airchild Reporting, Centre Directors can review the centre's marketing all in one place! Track the actual cost of new leads from enquiry to enrolment, monitor tour bookings, see staff performance, and easily make data-driven decisions with Airchild Reporting!


See the true picture with Airchild Reporting
for your childcare centres

Call Reports

See what calls were missed and how long it took to respond to families (You might be surprised).

Tour Reports

Monitor tour bookings and staff performance with real-time reporting.

Identify Channels

Identify which channels generate the most leads and see the true cost per enrolment.

What can the Airchild Reporting do for your childcare business?

Managing your marketing data and analytics can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to scale your childcare business. You might not know where your leads are coming from, how your team is performing, or which marketing strategies are most effective.

Not having access to accurate marketing data can hurt your centre’s ability to grow, and you could even be losing leads and enquiries without even knowing it.

Airchild Reporting changes all that. With this feature, you will have access to all the data that you need in one place. You’ll see exactly how your marketing strategies are performing, which channels are generating more leads, how many tour bookings have been made and also be able to track staff performance. Armed with this information, you can confidently scale your centre’s revenue in no time!

Make informed decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts with data-driven analytics


Get campaign insights in minutes, not weeks 📈

Integrate your Google Analytics and Facebook Ads and easily get detailed insights into which strategies are working and which aren’t. Quickly spot trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and focus your efforts on the campaigns that are yielding the best results.

Make your childcare business work smarter, not harder

With the Call Tracking feature of Airchild, you can identify and label leads based on their source, so you can focus your attention on the channels that are bringing in the most business. Make smarter decisions about where to allocate your resources and maximise your ROI with Airchild Reporting!

Make your team awesome 🤩

The Airchild Agent Reporting is the perfect solution for any centre director looking to improve their team’s performance while ensuring that parents are provided with excellent customer service.

Identify which agents are taking the most calls and responding to the most messages, give rewards to your top performers, and see where your team needs to improve. Be at ease knowing that calls are being answered and messages are being responded to in a timely manner.


No more missed bookings - manage your tours like a pro!

When it comes to tour bookings, the Appointment Report is a must-have tool. Not only does it give you an overview of all the tours booked, but it also shows you how many are confirmed, how many have showed up, and which time slots are most requested. Make adjustments based on demand and ensure that you’re always prepared for your tours!


Contact reports that play nice

Slice and dice the contact records to your hearts content and create saved reports just for you or make them available to select team members.

E.g. Show me all the parents that have booked into the Mums and Bubs group then send them an SMS to let them know to bring a friend – too easy🥱

Easy to use, easy to share 📲

With Airchild Reporting, you can download your reports and share them with your team so you can stay on top of your centre’s performance. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and no one gets left behind.


A Parent's Perspective: The Parent Happiness Score

What if you could instantly find out how parents feel about your centre before you find yourself on the backfoot? It’s just one of the many benefits you get with Airchild Reporting.

Parents can leave feedback minutes after finishing a tour, within days after their child’s first day or every 3 months – all with just one click. With real-time updates, you can always be confident that you’re getting the most up-to-date insights you need to keep your team on track and help each child succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep track all of the Google Ads and Facebook Ads that we are running for our centre in Airchild?

Yes, once you integrate your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts with Airchild, you will be able to see the analytics for all your ads. Better yet, you will be able to see which ads are responsible for landing the tours and enrolments.

Is there a report that will allow me to track calls?

With our call reporting, you will be able to track answered calls, missed calls, and even first calls! As long as the call is received through an Airchild number, the call will be tracked.

What kind of contact reports can I create?

Contact reports can be filtered based on any criteria in Airchild, so if you can dream it, you can create it. Smart views can be saved, kept private, or shared with the team. You can use views to bulk send SMS, emails or trigger workflows. It's incredibly versatile.

Can reports be shared with team members who don't have access to the system?

The reports can be downloaded in a CSV file or saved as PDF so that you can share this with the whole team regardless of their access to the system.

Do you have a report which shows how my team is performing?

In the agent reporting dashboard, team members' performance stats are displayed along with a leaderboard. You can see statistics such as how many SMS messages and emails are being sent and answered, as well as how many calls are missed or answered by each user or group. By using these statistics, you can analyse the performance of your team and even reward the top performers!

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