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Airchild is the perfect solution for busy teams to support both single centre and multicentre childcare. You can see exactly who did what and when. Assign tasks to teammates and get reminded of important deliverables so you don't let anyone down.

Families will notice the lift in outstanding customer service when you switch to Airchild.


Improve satisfaction levels and optimise your workflow
for the benefit of everyone involved

Experience new levels of efficiency and collaboration between teams.

Increase satisfaction with optimised customer service.

Connect all your systems together with Airchild's automation engine.

Tech + Team + Talent = Airchild
We've got you covered!

By signing up for Airchild, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of workflows that are specifically designed to make childcare facilities run smoothly. Whether you are looking for marketing and lead generation automation, retaining families, or delegating tasks automagically, Airchild provides the tools you need. Behind the scenes, a marketing agency works continuously to drive new leads for your company.

Centre directors will love the productivity views and ability to create filtered reports that you can use to communicate in bulk.

Airchild was designed with busy people in mind


Switch centres with just two clicks 🐭

Do you manage multiple centres? With Airchild, you can switch between centres in a jiffy. With just one login, you can easily stay on top of all your team’s communications and workload. Users can view multiple centres or just their own, based on their roles.

All features of Airchild can be customised with granular permission control, ensuring privacy and security for each user. The team will also be able to focus on just what they need to accomplish.


Excel is so 2020. Welcome to Smart Views - take action on your data.

What the sheet! Ok, you’d be forgiven for thinking the wheels would fall off your centre if you didn’t have a gazillion Excel spreadsheets for tracking and managing everything.

There is another way. Airchild’s Dynamic Smart Views are here to do what Excel can’t.

Sure, you can still create spreadsheet-like reports, but now with the power to trigger action such as send a bulk SMS to all the parents that are going to the Mums and Bubs meetup on Wednesday. Smart Views can do that and so much more.

Let us help you work smarter and get back lost hours from battling with Excel every week.


Team tasks, lets check that off the list ✔️

The odd post it note floating around can look pretty and hopefully find its target. But when you have 20 stuck on a monitor, well, no one wants to see that jigsaw play out [Cue frustrated families calling for the 2nd or 3rd time].

Team tasks on the other hand give you total control of who is doing what. The best part is that Airchild can automatically create the right tasks at the right time and assign them to the right person. Nice.

You can assign tasks to other team members, set due dates, send automated reminders (In-App, SMS, email) and even trigger automation.

What’s that feeling you’re now experiencing? It’s called harmony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who connects our accounts?

Anyone with admin access to your Airchild instance can connect accounts. Our basic certifications training covers this, as well as our helpful articles.

Who can help us set up the integrations?

Facebook, Google, Google My Business & Stripe can all be set up by you using your own credentials.

Do you charge extra fee to connect our CCMS software?

Depending on the level of integration you require, additional setup costs may apply. To discuss, please schedule a call with the team.

Do you integrate with other CCMS software?

We are constantly adding new CCMS platforms. In the event that you have a particular platform that you would like us to integrate with, please get in touch so that we can confirm the timeframe for integration. API keys are almost always required if they have direct API access. If in doubt, ask your CCMS provider if they have API documentation, in which case we can definitely integrate.

How does Google and Facebook integrations take?

Integrating with Google, Facebook & Instagram is as easy as clicking on the integrations page and logging in. Typically, it takes 2 to 5 minutes - definitely it's longer to change diapers.

Don’t find your answer?​

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